Trust in Borneo Technical

Wherever your journey may take you, Borneo Technical provides you with all the necessary service items to you require servicing your car. Whether you are driving your very first car, you own a vehicle with start-stop functionality, or you drive a highly equipped vehicle with high energy demands, Borneo Technical is a one stop centre for all that you need for servicing your car.

Today, you’ll find our products in millions of cars, lorries, boats and motorcycles. We put expertise and precision into each and every product. Borneo Technical provides quality products with longer life span and lower cost of ownership. When you choose Borneo Technical, you go for reliable and original products that deliver best-in-class quality.

  • A Reliable Source – We ensures you get the Original Products
  • A Premium Experience – Our dedicated and experienced Sales Representatives ensure you the best replacement parts advisory
  • A Powerful History – Borneo Tehcnical has a history going back more than 160 years and is trusted by thousands of retailers and millions of drivers in Malaysia

Backed by the Automotive Market Leader: Solid Automotive Berhad

Borneo Technical products are powered by Solid Automotive Berhad, the market leading automotive aftermarket supplies in Malaysia. We partner with our stakeholders to meet increasing market demand for smarter and newer applications. Our 200 employees market and distribute a portfolio of evolving service items for virtually every type of vehicle in Malaysia. We add value at every link in the supply chain, contributing to the progress of the communities we serve and the planet we all share.