William A. Ryan, Founder

TOP 1 Oil Products Company was established more than 40 years ago by William A. Ryan, whose vision it was to provide the highest quality American-made lubricants worldwide. Today, TOP 1 Oil is an internationally recognized brand sold in more than 50 countries.

Our vision to provide high-quality lubricants worldwide has led TOP 1 to become one of the largest synthetic lubricant exporters from California to destinations all over the world. Our family-owned business proudly remains dedicated to developing and distributing superior quality products while operating in accordance with the same humble spirit as our founder, William A. Ryan.

MCMO Motorcycle Motor Oil


Bottle: 1L
10W-30 JASO MA2 19281
10W-40 JASO MA 19831
10W-40 JASO MA2 SN 19833
15W-50 JASO MA2 19861
15W-50 JASO MA2 SN 19863
MARINE TC-W3 19531

Fully Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

EVOLUTION MOTO Fully Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is designed to meet the needs of the most advanced 4T motorcycles. EVOLUTION MOTO’s advanced formula provides the ultimate protection for the engine, gear, and clutch of your high-performance motocycle.

Exceeds JASO MA2, MA and API SN/SJ

Can: 800cc Can: 1L Bottle: 1L Keg: 60L Drum: 200L / 53Gal
15W-40 JASO MA2 17842 17848
20W-50 JASO MA2 17812 17818
10W-30 JASO MA2 19982
10W-40 JASO MA2 10796-1 10796 19931 19938 19937
2T JASO F 19511
10W-30 JASO MB 10798
10W-40 JASO MB 19032 19038 19031
20W-40 JASO MB 10799 19901
20W-40 JASO MA2 10797
20W-50 JASO MA2 17912 19911 19918 19917

Synthetic Blend Motorcycle Oil

Synthetic Blend Motorcycle Oil is designed to meet the needs of the most advanced 4T motorcycle engines. These products provide maximum protection against thermal and viscosity breakdown, cylinder scuffing, and high-temperature deposit formation.

Exceeds JASO MA2, MB and API SJ

Conventional Motorcycle Oil

Conventional Motorcycle Oil provides strong protection against thermal and viscosity breakdown, which results in longer engine life.

Exceeds JASO MA2 and API SJ